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basic gear and attire

Discussion in 'Gear and Rigging' started by Magic Pixel, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Magic Pixel

    Magic Pixel New Member

    I have been told that there are no special requirements when it comes to what you have to wear when you skydive. But is there no item of clothin or jewellery that could be dangerous while you are up there?
  2. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    Well really, I wouldn't recommend wearing jewelry. There's no reason to. And as for clothing, it needs to be something comfortable. You're generally in a jumpsuit, so you just want something comfy that fits underneath without annoying you.
  3. Jewelry sounds like a bad idea, it might get caught on something. Or if it falls, good luck finding it. I think taking off jewelry is just a general rule for most sports though.
  4. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    I am going next week to do a jump for the first time, and they told me that I
    have to take everything off that can hit me (In my face for example !)
    But I also do not have to take stuff with me like my wallet ...
    And I can understand that :)
  5. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    Yeah, most places are going to have a building or someone on the ground somewhere that is perfectly capable of locking up or storing any valuables on you. There's no need in risking them flying out somewhere, ya know?
  6. Too true, who wants to stress about losing personal things/getting injured while going through an intense and amazing experience. What a pointless distraction!
  7. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    I agree totally with Jessi on this. If you plan to do this, then get as little as possible distractions as you can, so you can enjoy this. It is where you pay for it ... So leave all unnecessary things at home.
  8. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    I agree totally on this with Jessi. Leave unnecessary things at home, and enjoy this !

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