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Do not look at YouTube if you are going to skydive? Why. See video!

Discussion in 'Skydiving videos and photos' started by Freedombiker, Aug 30, 2012.


Did you check you tube on bad jumps before your first Skydive?

Poll closed Sep 13, 2012.
  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    If you see this video like I have done, then you know why I am saying the above part.
    Did you ever check youtube before your first freefall or tandem dive ?

    Check this :

  2. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    What a series of bad events! I'm glad he survived and ended up with burns instead of death. I can't blame him for not wanting to jump again.
  3. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    Yeah, me too. And how unlucky can you get. First the bad luck with the parachute, and then hitting a power line :-(
  4. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    I think a lot of people spend a fair bit of time convincing themselves of how safe it is..... how low the risks are, etc... And then this guy gets a double whammy of risks gone wrong.

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