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Looking for more information on gear for Tandem Jump.

Discussion in 'Gear and Rigging' started by Freedombiker, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    Hi all, just was wondering if anyone knows more information on the gear they use when they do a tandem jump. Been looking around the internet and found some information, but not really a good one. Anybody ? Let me know ...
  2. Hey, so I think most skydiving places will actually supply gear for you, meaning that you don't need to search for gear prior to the actual dive. Unless you're just curious about what you'll be wearing when you dive (to make sure its safe?)
  3. teamrose

    teamrose New Member

    I don't think you would want you find your own tandem gear. You want to make sure the person you're tied to has great gear because they will more than likely be the one guiding the landing. Most important thing is finding a really good skydiving instructor.
  4. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    What exactly is it that you're looking for, Freedom?

    If you're just curious what is worn, it's going to be very similar to what you would wear if you were doing solo. The difference comes in that you're harnessed/attached to another person.

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