My First Jump


So awesome! I would've been scared of dropping my camera, lol. That is one heck of a view. <3

Magic Pixel

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Congratulations! Some view. Didn't you feel at all a tinge of nerves even? You will probabaly be doing this a lot more often since you have made your first jump.


Maybe you should make videos each time you go up there and post them on youtube.

I agree. People love videos like this. If you skydive even semi-regularly, you'll get quite a bit of traffic from it. Then you could even potentially lead them back to this forum. :)
Hey, I was just asking some questions about doing skydiving for the first time. Maybe I can better ask it you.
Did you make your own video, or did someone else do it for you?Did you rent the gear? Is it clean ? Let me know. Thank you.

P.S. like the video.