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Prices from Sky Diving?

Discussion in 'General Skydiving Discussions' started by Freedombiker, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    Hi all, sorry I have to ask this, I am planning to do next week a Tandem Skydive for the first time.
    Now the price for that is where I am going in Texas $210 and the rental of the gear that I need cost $30. Then you can get a DVD from the jump that cost $90 (I can get it for $75 but that is another story :)

    All together it cost $315 My question is simple. Is this a good deal. Yes or no?
  2. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    No answer till now on my question ? Come on, is there nobody that can give me some prices?
  3. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    There really aren't that many people on the forums yet, sorry!

    And it does sound a bit expensive to me, but I think that's mostly the DVD price. The jump itself at around $200-250 is pretty normal.
  4. Freedombiker

    Freedombiker Member

    He, thanks Jessi. I did see that there are not that many experience jumpers here. Did you ever jump ?

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