These guys invented a skydiving/tightrope hybrid called skylining:

I can't believe they're doing it in such windy conditions. Is this a trend in France? This is not the first video I've seen showing combinations of base jumping, tightrope, skydiving, etc. Pretty fucking cool. But also, terrifying!
It would be really great to see any videos y'all might have of extreme sports that combine skydiving with something else. Also, has anyone tried skylining before? Also also, what is up with these very extreme/cool/scary sports being all the rage in France? I haven't seen this anywhere else. Would love to hear all of your thoughts!
I think that skydiving is for me more then enough. But it looks nice how the guy is balancing on the rope. Can not say that he is afraid of heights.
Different limits for different people. I'd like to try skylining, but in my heart of hearts I think I'd be too scared to take the first step on the rope. Maybe it would be better to start with other extreme sports, and then work my way up!