Take someone with you on your first jump in the airplane.

I found out today that if, for example my wife want to go with me in the airplane then that is also possible. (See wont even have to jump :)

See can then see what I am doing, so that see can decide if she wants to do it ones as well.
Sometimes they ask money for it, sometimes not. Depends also on how busy it is. For us cost it something like $65

Did someone know this, and do you know better prices for this ?


I didn't know that! I'm not quite sure what the point is unless it's to be moral support or encouragement for the jumper if s/he is nervous. They would get to see you jump, but then...what? They wouldn't be back on the ground by the time you got there, right?
Hi, the point if someone wants to go with you can be different. You already mention one. Moral support. But it can also be handy if they are not sure if they want to do it as well, so they can see that someone else jumps and comes save to the ground.