They canceled my appointment for Saturday?

This is strange. Got just a phone call from the skydiving school that they have to cancel the
tandem jump on Saturday. As a reason they give me that there where not enough people for that day?

I was looking forward to it. And now I have to find another place ....

Did someone ever had that experience before?


Aww, that sucks.

In order to make enough money to take a plane up, they have to have a minimum number of paying customers up, too. If there aren't enough appointments, then they'd have to cancel. Sucks for you, though. :(
Yeah, I did call them again and explain that I found that it was strange that this happen (And I have to ask something else anyway) But they told me that sometimes it is NOT that busy, and then they cancel it most of the time 2 days before.
So, I am fine with that. Will do it an other time.


Did you schedule it for another weekend then? Or are you bitter with this company for it and going to look for a different agency?
To answer your question. No I did not schedule a new appointment.
I am now actual looking around to see if there is a better place where I can go.


Well I hope you can find another one then! Maybe they'll give you a better price for the recording.
I checked already online and actual talk to some other experience people and they all told me that there are a lot of different prices in my area. So I will be
looking around ... No hurry anymore ...