When you are Skydiving , do they film it then for you?

Hi all,

I am brand new on this forum, so I may have some stupid question.
Here is my first one. I am not only new to this forum, but I have never did some skydiving. But I would love to do it sometime.
But when I do it i want to be sure that I have prove from it. So here is my question about this:

When you are going to do the skydiving for the first time, do they film it? And do you get it for free or do you have to pay extra for it.

Let me know .... Thank you
Hi, thanks for your reply, but I do not want to bring a camera phone with me to a event like skydiving.
However I did ask my wife to make pictures when I land. So that part is covered. Now I only have to ask where I will jump if they make a recording.
I plan to go next week for the first jump. Oh boy. But only if I dare :)

I am nervous about it ....


It really depends on the place. Just ask in advance if they have any options for filming.

If you do activities like this a lot, I would recommend getting a GoPro. It's a camera that you can mount on helmets or on the side of a boat, etc, to film things from various perspectives. I wouldn't say get one for a one-time experience because it's not super cheap, but it's great if you do a bunch.
You definitely probably have to pay for it. But you could always bring a cameraphone and get a video!
Freedom biker, that sounds like a blast! Have fun.

Go-Pro sounds like a great option. I bet there are skydiving companies that would offer that as part of the whole package. Freedombiker, have you looked into that at all?
Hi, thanks for the fast response, and yes I did check if they can film the fall, and the good thing is they can, the bad news, it cost another $75??
So, I just need to think about that ...
I will look some more at the GoPro tonight when I am at home, and will see if I can use that for other things as well (I ride a motorcycle, and want to make some recordings from it) and if so, then I buy maybe one of those.
Thanks for the help ....


Oh yeah, if you bike and would like to film that, then this would be a great choice for you. Might as well double up on a purchase than just a one time fee for a single jump like that, right?
Hi, just got me this camera (HD Hero2 Motorsport Edition) on ebay. Only $189.95 (Normal $289) So that saves me some money. Hope it is the good one.
Need to wait till I get it.
Now I need to see if I can bring it with me in a tandem jump.


Oh nice!

When you're calling around for price checks, just ask them about the camera at the time. I can't imagine that most would have a problem with it unless they're trying to get you to buy their own videos instead.
Hi Jessi ... First day I was trying the camera (On the motorcycle) it fall, and was complete gone. (Truck drove over it. I could get a new one back, but I did not want it, because I did not trust it anymore. So I got my money back.) Now looking for a new one .... :(


Oh wow, that really sucks. Did it just not stick well? Was it not secured properly?

Either way, it stinks that you lost it like that. :(
Yikes brutal...at least you got your money back though, it could be worse. Time to look for a new one!

If I were you, I'd ask them to film your jump. If its something they do often, their video will likely be more professional. Also, you wouldn't have to worry about filming and skydiving, which seems like a lot at once. Best enjoy your first jump with your own eyes, rather than through the lens of a camera :)